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A message from our Pastor

Dear Friend,

As Pastor, I would like to personally invite you to attend our worship services. I believe that you will find an atmosphere of love and adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also believe that you will find in our church an attitude of love, friendliness, and excitement as we seek to fulfill God's Commission to reach our community with the Gospel.

Ministering in the greater Portland area for over fifty years, Grace Baptist Church has established itself as a family oriented, Christ-centered church, offering a variety of ministries for everyone. We are a Bible-believing church that believes that God is alive and active in the lives of men, and that He is the answer to every man's problems. We preach Christ crucified, risen and coming again. We believe that Christ continues to save all those who turn to Him for salvation. God stands with His outstretched arms and so does our church.

Thanks for visiting our website; we look forward to you visiting our church!

In His Wonderful Service, and at Yours,

Pastor Gary M. Ouellette

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