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Our Ministries

                                     Sunday School


We believe that II Timothy 3:17 "...Throughly furnished unto all good works.." applies to all ages. We believe that studying and learning God's Word is a lifelong commitment and that adults need a time of study as much as children do. Our Adult classes include a general one conducted by Pastor Gary Ouellette, a new converts class taught by Gary and Cathy White, a young adult group led by Aaron Avery, and a Deaf class offered by our Deaf Ministry teachers.


We have a dynamic, active teen group that meets not just for Sunday School but is also involved in other group activities for fun, fellowship and spiritual growth in the Lord (click here for more info on these activities). The teen class is 7th through 12th grade and is taught by Tom Gapski, our assistant Pastor and music director.


We offer classes for a full range of age levels beginning at 3 years old and on up. In addition to Sunday School hour, there is also a Super Church for school age children 5-12 years old, conducted during the morning services to continue the opportunities to help them come to the saving knowledge of Christ. We have a bus ministry to bring children to Sunday services and in the summer we extend our outreach during a week long Vacation Bible School for kindergarten through 6th grade. 

                                    Music Ministry

Conducted by Tom Gapski, our choir is dedicated to ministering to our church through Godly music which raises up praises to our God each week in both morning and evening Sunday services as well as during special events such as Mission Conference and special contata presentations. Choir practice takes place weekly on Sunday morning at 9am and 5:30pm with special rehearsals added as needed. In addition we have a small orchestra where those with the ability to play may use their talent for the Lord.  

Our choir is open to any church member who feels led of the Lord to serve in the church through this ministry. See Tom Gapski about joining.


                                     Bus Ministry

We provide a Bus Service for pickup and drop off for Portland/Westbrook area families to be able to send their children to our Sunday morning services. This work is a key outreach to these children who might otherwise never step foot inside a church and hear the Gospel. Our bus leaders are Larry and Kim Warren and they would be happy to arrange pickup for your child. Please call the church office for more information.(207-797-5509).

Shuttle Service - We have a shuttle service to pick up those who need special transportation to and from church, or those that do not have a means to get to the services. (Call 207-797-5509 for a ride.)  

Interested in working in this ministry? Please see Pastor Ouellette.


                           Nursing Home Ministry

This ministry is faithfully run each week by Bill Copeland, conducting services through Bible study and music in 2 nursing homes, ministering to the spiritual needs of those who are unable to attend a church and leading many to a saving knowledge of Christ.  

Interested in working in this ministry? Please see Pastor Ouellette.


Each Saturday morning at 9am this team goes throughout the greater Portland to spread the gospel through a brochuring and tract campaign designed to blanket the homes in the area and be ready to share as the opportunity arises. All are welcome to join this group at any time to spread the word while enjoying great fellowship and exercise!


Deaf ministry

                                         Deaf Ministry

Our worship services have an ASL interpreter and there is also a Deaf Sunday School that is taught in ASL sign language.

Those who wish to take classes in ASL in order to communicate with our deaf members or become a member of the deaf ministry team, please see Patti Ouellette.



                                    Teen Ministry

Our youth group meets  every Sunday at 10am. Every 3rd Saturday is a Teen Jubilee at 3pm with a sister church in Sanford, transportation is provided. Join us in discussion, singing and games. There are  outings and youth rallies as well.  Check out our Teen Times Gallery !

Interested in working in this ministry? Please see our Associate Pastor Tom Gapski. 

                                    Nursery Ministry

Our church offers a fully staffed nursery during every service. Rest assured in the knowledge that while you are enjoying the service your children are being well cared for in a safe, fun and loving environment by fellow mothers and care givers.

Interested in working in this ministry? Please see Carla Laroche.

                                       Kitchen Aides

This ministry involves our Helping Hands program which provides meals on a short term basis for those who are in temporary need (ex: recovering from surgery). Many helpers are also needed during our special events when we have large dinners like the Mission Conference, the Preacher Thanksgiving Fellowship, winter Church potlucks, and the Anniversary Picnic. 

Kitchen Aides are also involved in various organizational projects around the church beyond the Kitchen as we work to help make God's house the very best it can be for His glory and honor.

Interested in working in this ministry? Please see Julie Raines or Vickie Cunningham.

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